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Police auctions : Whether you are just looking for a police auction bargain, looking to set up a home business and want to investigate the possibilities of sourcing Police auctions’ items to resell on the various auction sites on the net or in the `real world`, our UK police forces auction site is the place for you!

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Police Auctions Houses

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Learn the ‘secrets’ of police auctions – A retired police officer spills the beans on how save / make a fortune from Police Auctions.

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Police auctions have long been around but over the last few years, people looking for bargains on Police auctions sites have increased quite considerably. This is mainly because of the economic crisis that most major countries are facing and people are trying the up-most to make their money go a longer way.

Buying at police auctions have been sought as an alternative of buying from traders or dealers mostly because you get much more bang for your bucks.



What is a Police Auctions?

One common misinterpretation of “Police Auctions” is that a lot of people think that items bought at a police auction may hide some dark secret or some fault which will be costly to get repaired hence why they are being sold at cheap price.


Well the truth is that these items have landed on the auction desk due to some of the following reasons:-

 * Items sold at a police auction may have been seized because the owner may have been found guilty to some criminal activities and subsequently been jailed and have all his possessions taken away by the police to be later on sent to auctions for liquidation.

* At a police auctions, you can normally acquire goods that have been unclaimed, stolen or recovered as a result of several operations carried by the different police authorities.

* A lot of items found in police auctions also come from individual police forces. Police auctions are sometimes held to dispose of vehicles and surplus or obsolete equipment that are no longer in use by the police.

Police equipment, such as cars, communication equipment, cameras and more will normally make their way to the police auction after they have been replaced with new ones or been upgraded.

Police auctions is a great way to grab yourself a bargain and those in the know are already making a fortune either reselling the products on or simply saving a great deal on things they need to buy for their personal use.


 Why is Police auctions held

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Merchandise that end up in a Police Auctions are goods that have been confiscated, lost, impounded, subjected to forfeiture orders because of being considered the ‘proceeds of crime’ by a court, or taken into police custody for any other of a multitude of reasons. These items are stored temporarily at the Police Property Store in the UK pending any investigation or ongoing operation.


After a few months, the UK police forces will have to dispose of recovered, seized and unwanted items via police auctions as they need to clear their storage space irrespective of how little they raise from the sale of these impounded items at the police auction. Police forces undergo such measures as it is not financially viable to keep an ever increasing stock and carrying an ongoing inventory very often proves to be tedious.


  When are police auctions held?


Police auctions are normally held on a periodic basis throughout the year. Most Police Auctions are held on behalf of clients who tend to be Police organisations such as the police, customs and excise, local Police authorities, bailiffs, transport lost and found departments. A common myth that surrounds the Police auction world is that these police auctions are held in close and private rooms, restricted from the general public but the truth is that anyone can attend those auctions and even place their bid.


A lot of the auctions are publicly advertised in local newspapers and magazines as well as some of them have a presence online. It should be notes that there are no set specific dates or time frames for such auctions and keeping track of the ones that are currently going on or where about they are going on can be very time consuming and hard work.


Although there is a lot of resources around Police auctions online, what you’ll find if you take (or have) the time to research the police auction topic yourself, is that the majority of police auction related information currently available online has a US bias.


It’s of little use to us in the UK, so Police Auction Online is here to help. We’ve sourced all the relevant police auction information currently available in the UK, so you don’t have to spend endless hours searching through and separating the wheat from the chaff. To find out the forthcoming Police auction, check out Police Auctions in UK.


Where are Police Auctions held?


According to some, Police auctions location are a ‘closely guarded secrets’, but the the actual fact is that several UK police forces manage their own auctions online at ebay. Police forces in the UK have finally joined the online ‘ecommerce’ age and employ staff just to list items at ebay police auctions.


Check out these ebay categories that are regularly used by police forces in the UK to advertise police disposal goods for sale.


Others will forward any items of property deemed suitable for sale to independent auctioneers who will include these items into their Public Auction for sale.


One major problem is that the list of appointed police auctioneers is constantly changing. It is sometime very confusing to keep track of all items up for sale at the police auctions as well as the venues.


At Police Auction Online, we will advise you to sign up to the police auctions alert service to keep up to date with future police auctions in your surrounding area.

Probably the best alert service for the police auctions in the UK, giving users a huge advantage over others searching for bargains at a police auction can be found HERE.

Police Auctions Houses
04/18/2014 02:02 PM
04/18/2014 11:53 AM
Silver British Eagle Bike
Make/Model: ,British Eagle Elite Force ,
Colour: ,Silver

Frame Size: 18"
Frame Condition: Good

Wheel Condition: Fair

Brake Condition: Requires attention

Condition of Gears: Not tested ,

We recommend that any bike purchased be serviced prior to use.

04/18/2014 10:59 AM
Purple Apollo Bike
Make/Model: ,Apollo Outrider ,
Colour: ,Purple

Frame Size: 16"
Frame Condition: ,Poor

Wheel Condition: ,Poor

Brake Condition: Requires attention - No Brakes

Condition of Gears: Not tested

Rusty Attention required

We recommend that any bike purchased be serviced prior to use

Police Auctions News
04/18/2014 06:00 PM
Auction Systems Auctioneers & Appraisers, Inc to Host Marathon Auction in Phoenix on Saturday ...
Featuring Police Confiscated, Stolen and Forfeited Property, as well as Autos, Tools, City and School District Surplus, Electronics, Appliances, ...

Police Auction Resources

Police Auctions Houses

UK Police Auctions Online provides you a list of police auction houses in the UK that is updated by auctioneers. There’s a large, quality data input and state of the art monitoring software uploading and checking all information 24/7

There are almost two thousand auctioneer’s featured in the database making it the most comprehensive of it’s kind anywhere.

Whatever you’re looking for….find it cheaper at auction!

Never pay retail prices for anything again!

At UK Police Auction Online we will help you access the lagest auction sales newsletter and database service available…GUARANTEED!


Police Auction Sales

Police Auction Sales
of confiscated, stolen & recovered, unclaimed personal possessions looking for a new home. Police Auction Online has a comprehensive coverage of all Police Auctions & Police Agencies.

Whether you are looking for bicycles, household items, jewellery, play station consoles, business equipment and, of course, many car radios, mobile phones and other electrical items… We have a list all the catalogues and auctioneers used to dispose of police lost & found and stolen & recovered merchandise across Britain.


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